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Critical Alignment

Props and Protocol

With the instruction of a certified and experienced teacher, the student is guided through a series of postures and movements that focuses on the skeleton

Specifically engineered props to give precise support and pressure to the areas that are stiff so they can be ‘felt’ again, allowing contact to be made.

The props function in a way, as the suppliers of body weight so the postural muscles and the skeletal parts they serve, can be reached.

The props used in Critical alignment have been designed to alleviate the tension in the body without disturbing balance and coordination. This serves to increase the mobility of specific body parts.

Teachers regularly use props in combination with mobilization techniques.

The headstand bench is one of the most important props.
The back bender is used to mobilize the upper back.
The roll and spinal strips are used in many prone positions.
The large black mat is used in much more than Sarvangasana.

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"The concepts of Critical Alignment enrich other yoga styles and other related disciplines such as dance and massage therapy, and be easily integrated into those practices." Gert's book Yoga Critical Alignment was translated into English and launched in the Fall of 2013. It is the perfect reference for yoga teachers and experienced yoga students alike. Gert believes it is important to link yoga to the circumstances and experiences of daily life.

"I hope that my book challenges the image of yoga as a static tradition to be strictly followed. Yoga should be approached as an open tradition which can be developed through study, creativity, and positive thinking."

Yoga:Critical Alignment/Gert Van Leeuwen/ 2013/Random House.