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100% bamboo and recyclable. Stackable, lightweight, with a durable finish. Tested up to 600lbs. Sleek and harmonious. A versatile tool for more than just back bends!

Bamboo Back Bender

Headstand Bench
Memory foam padding on shoulder supports for comfort. Tested up to 600lbs. Stackable, non-skid feet, lightweight, with a powder coated finish for durability and style.

Steel Head Standing Bench

Black Spinal Strip

Ideal for supporting the spinal in prone and supported position. The perfect combo of rubber and foam, this product is firm, yet releases where it needs to. A must have!

Black Spinal Strap

C.A.T. Starter Kit
Includes one of everything you’ll need to get started, or deepen your existing practice.  Five pieces in total.
head stander, back bend bench, spinal strip, lrg mat & felt roll

Felt Roll
Used for upper and lower back prone postures.  The slip-cover is of recyclable bamboo fiber and is washable. The felt is also recyclable. Durable.
Felt Roll w cover

Large  Shoulderstand Block
24” x  16” x 2”. Durable and dense memory rubber/foam.  Easy on the shoulders. Versatile yoga prop.  Two to three per student is advised.
CAT Shoulderstand Mat (Large)

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